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Four successful 2016 nominations to the New Zealand Memory of the World Register

November 2016

The UNESCO Memory of the World New Zealand Trust is delighted to announce four new inscriptions to the New Zealand documentary heritage register.

Sir John Logan Campbell Papers

Sir John Logan Campbell (1817-1912) is widely regarded as the major founder of the Auckland settlement, where he was one of the earliest merchants, active in establishing many commercial and cultural organisations, and perhaps the main benefactor to the Auckland region. The papers are owned by the Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate, on deposit at the Museum.

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Katherine Mansfield Literary and Personal Papers

The Mansfield collections include original correspondence, notebooks and journals and other documentation relating to her life and works. As a whole they document the writer’s artistic preoccupations, development, influences and methods. They cover her troubled and complex personal life, friendships and family relationships, and her dealings with society and institutions.

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Scottish Migration Collection

The Waipu collection documents a significant microcosm of international migration from Scotland to Nova Scotia, to Australia, and to New Zealand, reflecting the spread of the British Empire of the time, and the movement of its people.

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Lance Richdale Papers

Lancelot Eric Richdale’s papers document his internationally recognised contributions to ornithological knowledge and conservation.

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