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Sir Julius von Haast Collection


Papers, photographs, and drawings represent the most unique and complete record of the life and work of one of the most influential New Zealand scientists of the 19th century.

The correspondence provides an insight into the personal thoughts and scientific developments before they were published and the relationships in all their complexities showing the human aspects of science communication—a virtual science by correspondence.

Archive Location

Cherrill, Nelson King, 1845-1916- Portrait of Julius von Haast. Carte de visite studio portrait of Julius von Haast, ca 1880s. PA2-0471

Meycke, Fritz (Bonn) fl 1860-1889 — Portrait of Sir Julius von Haast. Cabinet portrait taken by Fritz Meycke in Bonn, circa 1886. PA3-0162

View towards the sources of the Rakaia from the junction of Whitcombe’s Pass Stream, by Haast, Johann Franz Julius von, 1822-1887

Haast, Johann Franz Julius von, 1822-1887 — Head of Mathias 23 March 1866. Mt Tancred, Mt Carus. C-097-018

Haast, Johann Franz Julius von, 1822-1887 — Map of the Haast River from its mouth to the Makarora River. C-097-161

Letter Richard Owen to Haast dated 11 March 1872. MS-Papers-0037-125-8

Charles Darwin — Letter to Haast, dated 22 January 1863. MS-Papers-0037-051-3.


Catalogue Record

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington