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Seven successful 2017 nominations to the New Zealand Memory of the World Register.

November 2017

Seven significant heritage collections of New Zealand documents have been inscribed onto the UNESCO Memory of the World New Zealand documentary heritage register.

John A Lee Papers

A unique personal history, the John A Lee papers comprise personal letters, photographs, annotated scrapbooks, hand-written manuscripts and typescripts of his published works, speeches and radio broadcasts.

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J T Diamond West Auckland History Collection

John T (Jack) Diamond’s extraordinary devotion to local history showcases the life of Māori and Pākehā in West Auckland. As an amateur historian and archaeologist he devoted over 60 years of his life to building this collection.

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New Zealand Official Photographs, World War 1914-1918

The first official photograph collection to document New Zealand’s involvement in war.

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Kaleidoscope – a weekly television arts documentary programme 1976-1989

Broadcast weekly from 1976 to 1989, Kaleidoscope is an arts documentary TV series celebrating every aspect of artistic expression.

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Ng New Zealand Chinese Heritage Collection

The Ng New Zealand Chinese Heritage Collection of detailed documents and information honours the earliest heritage of the New Zealand Chinese community.

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Salmond Anderson Architects Records

The Salmond Anderson Architects Records are a record of more than a century of architectural development in New Zealand.

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Tyree Studio Collection

This extensive and complete collection spanning approximately 87 years is comprehensive in its coverage of society from soon after the settlement of Nelson.

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